Wart Treatment

Viral warts

These are growths on the skin caused by the Human papilloma virus.

They can be common in children and can spread via direct contact or they can be spread if the patient scratches their wart, the virus can then be spread on that person.

Clinical appearance

  1. Common warts usually are on the fingers, toes and on the knees
  2. Planter warts are on the feet
  3. Flat warts can appear on the face ore elsewhere
  4. Warts can also appear on the face or finger nails
  5. They can also be on long stalks
  6. Warts have also been found in the oral and genital area


There is no single perfect treatment.

Warts can spontaneously disappear. Please visit your dermatologist to discuss treatment options.

Freezing of Skin Lesions

Freezing of lesions – liquid nitrogen is used to treat warts, sun damage and seborrhoeic keratosis.